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 Hillary may be through

But we still make fun of her 


He's gone
 But not forgotten



Our new novel is available! A rollicking NSFW spoof of old time space opera!
These are the erotic voyages of the starship Dingus. Her mission, to defend the Confederation from all threats, external and internal. Her crew, the sexiest starship personnel to ever sail the spaceways, bravely face every danger the galaxy can throw at them. An invasion of bug eyed monsters. Planetary rebellion. Interstellar diplomatic intrigue. Nothing stops the party on the C.S.S. Dingus. Captain Richard Rodman. The manliest man to ever command. Commander Moxie Muff. The green skinned security chief with the ever increasing body count. Alkirah Lamrini. The brown skinned beauty manning the science station. Commander Wang Goo. The heroic officer willing to put it all out for his shipmates. And many more. Together they laugh, love and cry in the wildest and bawdiest adventures ever to grace the annals of science fiction!



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The next worst thing

To a politician!